17 March 2011

Sun Rays

One thing I have always been fascinated by but can never really capture well is Sun rays. Sometimes when the sun is behind a cloud, you will see some sun rays from the clouds. It is caused by some section of sunlight being blocked by the clouds. However for some reason I am not able to capture it nicely. It should be pretty simple because to see sun rays, you need some high contrast between the sunlight has been blocked and the sunlight that is coming through. 

Unfortunately I have yet to master the technique to capture them. This is my last attempt which to me for some reason is still not great.

It so happen that there were some power line pylons and the sun rays are shining directly into it. Need to go find out how to take better sun ray pictures.

1 comment:

  1. Reminds me of the opening scene in The Lion King (the rays, not the pylons). Heh.