25 April 2011

Macro around the garden

Adding to my super bored car interior post, I follow up with an equally bored macro post. Macro is not one of my strongest photography technique. Then again I am not really strong in any of the photography technique. Most people specialised in certain fields of photography say landscape, macro, wedding or portraiture. Me semua rojak and not good at anyone particular field.

So here is some macro's I took around my house garden.

This is of course Bougainvillea flower which more commonly known in Malaysia as the bunga kertas. Now the funny thing about this shot is that the first shot I shot using an SLR was also a Bougainvillea flower and it was from this exact same tree. This is the shot I was talking about.

Now the scary thing is that was taken using a canon 400d with the 17-55 kit lens and it was maybe taken in Apperture priority mode. 4 years on and the photos still look the same and I have upgraded to a freaking 5D and using a Tamron SP90 which is a dedicated macro lens and in Manual mode. Still no improvement. Pengsan betul. 

Anyway moving alone, another very well shot flower in my garden is...

Up till today, I have still yet to take a clear picture of this flower on macro. I think it is really time for me to consider to make the decision to invest in a good quality tripod.

This is a picture of the same pink/red flower above but it has yet to bloom.

At least this picture is a little more respectable where there are at least clear part of the picture which is actually sharp. This I think it is also the same species of flower as the above one but it is white in color. The other difference about this flower is that the middle filament part is much bigger as well.

Recently I have been trying to do more black and white photos, still not able to take good black and white photos but here goes nothing...

Ok ok to tell you the truth this shot was actually a failed shot. It was suppose to be macro shot but as you can see everything is blur. So had to convert it to black and white to save the shot. I guess it was worth a try.

Now I go to this flower which I always consider a real challenge to take. The reason why I call it a challenge is because well the flower is the size of maybe a 20 cent coin.

Why I like to macro this flower is obvious, the filaments in the middle are super small which makes it really nice if you get it right. Unfortunately once again, failed attempt. Last but not least is actually a new flower which I haven't photographed before.

The thing that caught my eyes to take this picture is that when I got really close up, they actually look a little like roses. It looks almost like a bunch of roses.

Well that is all about the macro for this time around. Need to really brush up my skills and work on my macro photography. Maybe the first thing is to invest in a tripod. Unfortunately at this point of time, no money because house reno and wedding is in the pipeline and boy I am going to be broke. :)

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