09 February 2011

Being a Lil High Crass

Couple months back while Juin Wei was in town, we decided to be High Crass and go for some High Crass food. We all first gathered at Kissaten Jaya One to gorge on some delicious Terikayi Pork Burger. I can safely say it is still one of the best pork burgers I have ever eaten.

Big juicy pork with a telur mata kerbau and some sweet sweet teriyaki sauce. Even Juin Wei agrees...

Once we were done with lunch, it is quite customary for us to go for dessert when Ee Von is around. Since it this is her vice, we asked her were she wants to go. We finally ended up at...

Ignore my finger print on the film

Gourmet is this really shick cafe + bakery + spice market + winery. They sell all kinds of cool stuff from loose expensive tea and coffee (they even have blue mountain and kopi luak) to cheese and also a nice section for wine.

Wine Rack

Biscuit and payment counter

Loose Tea selection
Most importantly of course is they also sell gorgeous looking cakes.

Banofee Pie

Cannot remember name but I think it is Chocolate Cake

Strawberry Cheese Cake
The cakes were simply superb tasting and look pretty good as well. The gang was getting pissed off waiting for me to finish taking the pictures.

We topped everything off with some pretty good but pretty expensive coffee. Unfortunately I couldn't afford the Kopi Luak as it was going for something like 200-300 bucks per 100g. I highly recommend this place to some good cake and coffee. Just be prepared to spend a pretty penny on it. I think 4 of our coffee already cost like 50 bucks or something like that.

The place had some mirrors around and I decided to take a picture of the lovely Miss Ee Von.

When there is nothing better to do, I also take picture of crap. :)


  1. Wahahahha. Trying to defend your favourite Banoffee Pie from Delicious?

  2. uncle, what camera you are using? BTW, do you know where to get the experia fujifilms or just normal fujifilm film rolls anymore? If you stumble upon them, lemme know.

  3. I am using a Canon EOS50. Yea got got. They are dirt cheap in KL. Like 7 to 10 bucks per roll. Most of the larger/older photo shops still have them in stock but usually they go for like 11 bucks. I can get them if you want for like 8 bucks.