11 February 2011

Secondary School CNY Meetup 2011

One of the great things about Chinese New Year is that it is a time for everyone to meet up. It is not only family but also friends. Sometimes people do not meet for the entire year but during Chinese New Year, people make the effort to meet up with each other. This year is no different because most of my secondary school friends are back in Subang for the Chinese New Year so we decided to meet up.

We first met up for lunch at Rakuzen Empire. The only reason why we were at Empire was because Jacinta told me that she couldn't park in Subang Parade but she is able to park in Empire. When I heard that I told her she finally turned into a full Singaporean. It was lucky we got a private room at Rakuzen because we had 9 people coming and we were able to close the door. We made so much noise I think people in Subang Parade can hear us. :)

After lunch we adjourned to Coffee Bean for coffee because my Citibank Clear card has buy 1 free 1 coffee.

All of us ordered coffee and I accidentally miscalculated, I thought we only had 6 drinks but in actual fact we ordered 7 drinks. When the cashier tallied up the drinks I said we only have 6 and he only charged me for 6. I only noticed it after we got all the drinks and Kel was asking me where was his drink. When I told the cashier that he under charged me for 1 drink he said nevermind Chinese New Year bonus. So kind of the fella.

Ee Von went to get some cakes but cannot remember where from.

She got a chocolate cake and also a red velvet. That is currently her favourite cake as she will go everywhere and if they have it, she will order it. See how happy she is to eat the cake.

Check out the cute look and Dr Ooi said he could do better...

But a little fail lar. So instead of fighting they just took a picture together.

I tried to take a picture of Juin Wei but he said do not need to take picture of his ugly mug. Then Kel said well lets take a picture together so there are 2 ugly mugs.

After that they recruited another member into the ugly family.

From ugly guys we go to pretty ladies, first of them all is Jacinta. Haven't seen her for a freaking long time already. Everytime she comes back to KL, I am busy with something. It was great catching up with her again.

Next we have the newly engaged Mei Foong. We all eagerly waited for her to tell the story about how Simon proposed to her in Japan.

After we listened to her story and also Juin Wei's story, Dr Ooi got a little worried that the bar was getting set higher and higher.

Another long time friend I have not met for a while is also Sherry.

Finally of course the lovely Amy and the useless photographer.

It was great to catch up with everyone. We just sat around and chit chat and talked the day over. We met up at 1pm and only left Empire gallery around 5 or 6pm. We need to do this more often gang.

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