08 February 2011

Fat Spoon

Once in a while it is quite fun to take pictures and not know what you going to get until many months later. With the advances of digital cameras it is pretty easy to preview what you shoot 2 seconds after you shoot a picture and correct any mistakes you make. However with film once you shoot it it is imprinted forever in the film and you will never know what is the result until it is developed.

Close to a year ago, my colleague gave me a roll of Fuji Superia ISO100 film which has expired since 2002. It was kept in my room for close to a year and finally I decided to take it out for some shooting. One day we went out with Wen Way's and Shalin to a nice little cafe called fat spoon. It is located at the back part of PJ Uptown at the shops facing the houses. They serve pretty decent food and they have pretty cool looking decor. 

The exterior decor of the place has a almost kampung feel to it. The walls are bare concentrate without plastering or paint and also the tables and chairs are a mix match of things that do not belong to the same set. This almost simulates a shop or house in the kampung. 

The interior matches the exterior...

The combination of odd shaped and mismatch tables and chairs adds to the ambiance. The walls are also non painted and non plastered. The A/C ducting were "concealed" using zinc roofing, one wall was "painted" using newspaper and the toilets had old school Spy Vs Spy comic decorating the walls.

They even took the effort to decorate the entrance door with a Fat Spoon as the door handle and they also got a really cool, old looking door as the entrance.

The food was decent but I completely forgot what we ordered since I didn't take any picture of it. Bare in mind we went to Fat Spoon almost 2 months ago and that was how long it took me to shoot all 36 exposure in the roll, get it developed and ask my colleague to scan the films.

Since the film was also 8 years expired and kept in terrible conditions, all the shot was horribly underexposed and lucky with the miracles of new technology I was able to restore and pic some photos.

By the way while in Fat Spoon I created a big hoohaa and it was series of very unfortunate events that contributed to it. My camera bag was on the floor and as I was reaching down to pick up my lens, it slipped my hand and fell onto the floor. First time I ever drop any of my lens ever. I was so "kan chiong" with my lens that while trying to save the lens from the floor, I pushed the table a little to hard and the 2 tables separated. Unfortunately, there was a glass cup in the middle of the 2 tables and it dropped and disintegrated into a million pieces. Once of the million pieces got horny and decided to give Amy a over bit. It actually flew and stabbed Amy in the feet.

Lucky it was just a small injury and Fat Spoon gave her a plaster, swept all the glass away and didn't even ask me to pay for the glass. Highly recommended to head to this place :)