07 February 2011

From photography to Makan

It has been a while since I went out for a photography trip, this weekend when Amy was in Singapore, De Way invited me to go KL walk-a-bout and I said yes. Woke up at around 715am and first indication that it wasn't going to be a good day for photography was when it was really cold. I looked out the windows and it was a very very gloomy day. It wasn't raining but it was super clouded over.

Unfortunately at around 745am it started to rain which ruined our plans to go for a photography trip, so we did what all Malaysians will do. We turned a bombed out photography trip to a makan trip. The night before while discussing about where to go for breakfast, De Way said he will bring me go and eat the famous Roti Babi at Dang Wangi.

This place has been open since 1928 which makes is 88 years old now. Apparently they started out somewhere on the Karak Highway and then the place we went is the second outlet. The shop they are in really looks like they have been opened for a long time now.

The menu is the old style menu board where it is a white board and they can easily rub the price in case there is a price change. The interior of the shop reminds me of coffee shops in my hometown as well. It is the original thing and not those kopitiam trying to looks like old coffee shops.

They have 2 big mirrors on each side of the coffee shop that is very common in coffee shops in the yesteryears. Now enough about the deco, the whole reason we came to Yut Kee was for the roti babi.

When people mention roti babi, the first thing that I think about is the roti with bakwa and pork floss. However the roti babi we had was completely different. The roti babi at Yut Kee is basically a piece of pork meat stewed and then wrapped in bread. The bread is then dipped in egg and then deep fried. It taste pretty good but it is very very oily. The egg and the bread soaked up all the oil. De Way also ordered the Hainanese Chicken Chop and also a portion of roti bakar.

The Hainanese Chicken Chop was really nice, the sauce is light and the chicken chop was nicely fried. In my opinion, the Hainanese Chicken Chop is much better then the roti babi. The roti bakar was also pretty good as the kaya was nice and tasty. De Way told me the other famous food from the shop is the Swiss Roll.

In my opinion the Swiss Roll tasted just like normal Swiss Roll only. The special thing about this swiss roll is that instead of using cream in the middle, they use Kaya. It was pretty good.

Just before heading off, I caught sight of a cute little baby having his breakfast as well.

The coffee they have here is also pretty decent. One of the better hot cuppa local coffee you can get. Nice and creamy as they use both evaporate and condensed milk and with all that still got the kick of the coffee. Just beside our table there is a notice.

What I do not get is why only after 11am they do not allow people to  bring in external bought food.

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