10 February 2011

Final Set of Film Prints

This is the last set of film prints I got for now. The other roll which I shot, was way worst then this roll. So I am not giving it any high hopes there is any good pictures in there.

Amy and Saw Wen wanted to head to Hartamas to check out some wedding dresses and being a good person, I drove them there. Of course I won't stay in the wedding boutique, so I brought my camera along and walked around the area.

First thing I notices is what a dump Hartamas is now, the buildings are not maintained at all. The place we went, the button for the elevator wasn't there anymore. There was rubbish everywhere and basically not really what it used to be. However this is the older part of Hartamas.

What did catch my eye was there were quite a few graffiti on the walls.

I am surprised that even when the films were so super underexposed, the colors were still very vivid. This is the power of film. I think if it was shot in digital, there is no way I would be able to recover these shots.

The shot above is a shot looking towards the newer part of town. Up ahead is Mont Kiara where I guess is more happening now.

Last shot of the roll...

These were the lights and fan fixtures at Burger King. Fingers crossed for the other roll of film.

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