20 October 2010

BUUZZZZ Dagu Birthday Celebration

Disclaimer: Long Long Long Long post up ahead. Beware

We decided to celebrate Buuzzz Dagu birthday American style. WenWay told us about this place in Aman Suria called Betty's Kitchen.

It claims to serve authentic American food and most important of all it serves pork. It is quite evident from their decor they also love pork.

The restaurant is not fantastic big but it does kinda have a sort of an American diner feel to it.

Note how there are alot of pictures of pigs on the wall as well. They really love their pork alright. Now enough about the environment, now we go to the business end of what defines the restaurant and the real reason why we were there. Yes it wasn't for Buzz Dagu's birthday celebration but it is for the pork-a-licious goodness.

We order a couple of appetizers to be shared among all of us there.

Pigs in the Blanket
Dog Food

Sausage and Onion Soup
The pigs in the blanket was deliciously unhealthy. It is basically pork cocktail sausages wrapped with real bacon and pan fried. The bacon was very flavourful and the cocktail sausage was nice and soft but still has a firm-ish feel to it. The sausage and Onion soup was also very good and I think they use the same sausage as the one in the pigs in the blanket but sliced thinly. The coriander in the soup gave it an asian feel to the soup. It was so good Sharon couldn't get enough of it.

She was a little pissed off I took a picture of her gluttony. Now comes the Dog Food, I kid you not that is the real name of the dish. Basically it is french fries covered with country sauce and a good helping of cheese and finally baked. It is the only non-pork appetizer and it was one of the best. Simple and good. Maybe that is why it is called Dog Food.

Now comes the main meals....

Sloppy Joes
Boston Butt
Fork and Knife digging into the butt
Baby Back Ribs


To make a long story short everything tasted extremely good except maybe the Sloppy Joes and the Burger. The Burger didn't have much taste to it and as for the Sloppy Joes, well it kinda taste like baked beans with meat and that is all. The ribs was the best followed closely by the Boston Butt and finally the Meatloaf. Check out De Way's reaction to the Meatloaf.

After all the food there is nothing left to do but to eat, be merry and cam whore.

Sharon needs a special mention because she came late for lunch (last one to come), lack of sleep and hungover. This is the women who everytime we call her to go out Yam Cha she said she is tired and she went clubbing till 4am.

Apparently we were too merry and Sharon was too loud that the lady had to come and ask us to keep it down because we were disturbing the other customers. Oh yea we were loud and while I was peeing in the toilet which is behind 2 closed doors I still could hear Sharon's laughter. Since we got the shut up notice and we were finish with lunch, we decided to go to another place to make more noise. 

Sharon went to pay for the bill and the waitress asked her why is the lady (Sharon) paying the bill and not the guys paying for the bill. Well we can all forgive her since she doesn't know that Sharon ain't a lady. The waitress found out it was Buuzzz dagu's birthday and I think the waitress felt bad for giving us the shut up notice she gave us a free apple crumple.

I think after that the waitress regretted giving the free cake to Sharon because before we started singing the birthday song. Sharon stood up and asked everyone in the restaurant to sing a happy birthday song for Buuzzz Dagu. Guess we are blacklisted from Betty's Kitchen forever now. Thanks Ah Chan!!!

Next we moved our butts a couple of shops down to Cafelicious for more cakap kosong, cheap Tiger and most important of all cam whoring. It was nice and sunny day and I could not resist taking a couple of pictures on the way to Cafelicious.

We got to Cafelicious and all of us became kaki botol. All drinking Tiger and getting tipsy in the afternoon and I got some proof too.

We also had the second Birthday Cake and also second Birthday song for Buuzzz Dagu. This time we were the only ones at Cafelicious so Sharon didn't do her thing again.

Buuzzz Dagu was so impressed with our singing that she went all emotional on us.

We did some cam whore session.

And finally to finish of the day with some group pictures.

Had a great afternoon and at least this time we were just loud and didn't do anything that embarrassing.


  1. What's BUUUZZZ Dagu?

    And Bee Chin's expression was priceless lah: "Pls make the horrible singing stop!!!" *rotfl*

  2. BUUZZZ = Bee
    Dagu = Chin

    BUUZZZ + Dagu = Bee Chin

    I think it is more like please stop embarrassing me people. Haha

  3. I like Bee Chin's pic with the Tiger! She looked so contented with the alcohol we got her!

    Right, Immabee?

    Now, when are we making a trip to The Bee???

  4. HAaha. That is another product placement shot. Tiger should be planing me money. Haha.

    Lets gooooo!!!!!

  5. I like the portrait shot where Buzzz Dagu rested her Dagu on hand; stylo-mylo!! Next time i get more ppl to sing for her...ok bee? :D