25 October 2010

Working my Abs at night

On Saturday 4 of us (Miss Ee Von, Miss Stephanie Goh, Miss Amy Koh and me) decided to work out abs out at night. We all decided to attend the Kings and Queen of Comedy Asia at KLCC Plenary Hall.

Basically it is stand-up comedy consist of 5 comedians from Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam and India. The show started up with our host which was Queen Kumar. I didn't know that he was a cross dressing drag queen. I have yet to decide if that it is all just an act or he/she is really like that in real life. What ever it is he/she is really funny. Queen Kumar's jokes were funny and takes a stab at all kinds of stuff from gay and lesbians to Singaporeans to stuff that is happening in Malaysia to even some light hearted racial jokes.

The show was a blast and who says Malaysian comedians weren't funny. Douglas Lim and Harith Iskandar took pot shots at Malaysian Politicians, the rakyat who overreact to every little thing and even some local actress and singers. They made their jokes very Malaysian and I totally enjoyed it. Douglas even did a rendition of Justin Bieber's Baby song which was about eating pork and Harith had a CSI joke about our Malaysian cops.

Vir Das was equally as good and he had jokes from across the board. From Singapore's ban on chewing gum to Malaysia's capital punishment for drug trafficking and quite a number of sexual related jokes. He did a really good impersonation of Marge Simpson and it was scary. What stands out about him is that he speaks and acts like great comedians such as Russel Peters and Jeff Dunham. I laughed my lugs out and gained a six pack from his act. Lucky right after his act it was intermission because I laughed so much that my throat was dry.

Last but not least was Hung Le. He was ok ok to me. He was funny but not fantastic. His stories were a little unbelievable and he made jokes about the Vietnamese currency and Japanese toilets which I think it is getting steadily stale.

It was a great night out and we started at 830pm and by the time it was done it was close to 12pm. We need more acts like this and it was RM88 bucks well worth spent.

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