12 October 2010

Underwater World Langkawi

I always think I wasn't meant to be born a human and in the wrong country. I love the water and I especially love the sea. Just give me swimming pool or the beach and I will be in the water in no time. I also like to go to Underwater worlds around the world. I have been to the London Aquarium, Aquaria KLCC, Underwater World Sydney, Aqua Underwater in Perth and now finally Underwater World Langkawi. I heard that underwater world Langkawi is even better then Aquaria at KLCC but also recently they had some incident where some the fishes were poisoned.

There were still alot of fishes in their tanks and some of them were still pretty huge

Alligator Gar Fish
Cat fish
Not only did they have fishes, they also had some really cute raccoon like animal. I have no idea what they are, I was too busy taking photos as they ran around.

Underwater world Langkawi also has a healthy population of penguins. They have 2 types of penguins which are the Rockhopper penguins like the ones in Surf Up and also some African Penguins. The cool thing is you get to walk into a section where the penguins are swimming above you head.

Curiously the penguin was actually following my finger when I put it to the glass. I was running up and down the tube and it was following me seamlessly.

Next we entered the small tank section where most of the fishes are in. They are segregated by type of fish and there was all kinds of fish there.

Red Discus
Lion Fish
Lion Fish
Angel Fish

Box Fish
Finally we reach to the highlight of all aquariums which is the tube section. Underwater Langkawi didn't have tube section per say but it did have a section where you can walk in the water where the fish is able to swim above you. After all it is called underwater world. The only thing is it wasn't in a circular tube but more of a box tube. They had the most humongous garupa I have ever seen.

They also has some eagle rays in the tank

and of course no aquarium is complete without sharks. However I think due to the poisoning there weren't many big sharks there.

I enjoyed myself at the Underwater world Langkawi. I would recommend anyone coming to Langkawi to give it a go. Make sure you show your MyKad to get discounts.


  1. Awesome photos!! :)

  2. Between KLCC Aquaria and Langkawi Underwater, which one do you think is better?

  3. Last time Langkawi Underwater was better but since the poisoning of the fish, now they are pretty similar to each other.

    Langkawi underwater has some other animals other then fishes but the display at Aquaria is much better

  4. thanks for the inputs :)
    WIll be taking the children for holiday to Langkawi and KL this year and was wondering if it is worth it to go to both since quite expensive or just pick a better one.

  5. No problem.

    Go for the Aquaria one. In Langkawi hit the cable cars. They are really worth it.

    If you are Malaysian at Aquaria make sure you show your Mykad for discounts. They do not always tell you about that