27 October 2010

Magic Light

Sometimes in Photography you need to make some sacrifice to get a good picture. Most of the great pictures that you see is when a person has staked out the place multiple times and waited for the right opportunity to come. Recently on a trip to the east coast, I decided to sacrifice some sleep and wake up early to get the sunrise.

I did take pictures the sunrise but that is for another blog post. What interested me more was the abandon house right beside where we were staying. The light was hitting it just nice to enable me to capture some shots.

The sun was just coming over the horizon and it was hitting the facade of the house nicely. The picture has the nice punchy blue sky, the orange from the sun and because there was a fence blocking the sun there is also the green of the grass.

Also took a picture of the window. Lucky there is "no one" in there. Hehe

Usually for abandon houses, most people will turn the picture black and white. However since the colors were so bright and vibrant, I decided not.

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