01 November 2010

Start of a new day

Sunrise while you are on the beach is one of the best times take photos. It is better still if you are around the unpolluted east coast of Malaysia. I decide to wake up just before dawn to take some sunrise pictures.

When the sun is still relatively low in the sky, the blue in the skies is more prevalent.

As the sun rises a little higher, the scene becomes warmer and the blue of the sky is replaced with orange.

When it gets even further then the orange will turn into burning orange.

The blue of the skies are gone but with some tweaking on the settings of the camera we can balance the fiery orange with some blue in the sky.

Surprisingly the moon was still up and I managed to catch a shot of the opposite of the sun.

I really like going to the east coast. The place is clean, the people are friendly, the food is fantastic and things are still relatively cheap. Next time I must at least reach Kuala Terrenganu and maybe Kelantan.


  1. Fantastic moon!! =)

  2. Thank you Thank you.

    That is the beauty of an unpolluted sky.

    Wah finally Ah Chan has shown herself. Hehe :)