10 November 2010

WenWay Party 2010

It is becoming a standard annual thing, towards the end of the year we will have a super party to celebrate the Wen Way's birthday. 2 years back it was at Royale Bintang which I missed, last year was Duta Vista which we blew up a TV and shorted out the entire apartment. Oh yea and we drank ourselves silly which is also a standard for the Wen Way Party.

This year being 2010, they have decided to tone it back down and reduce the crazy partying and boozing. So this year we all gathered at Saw Wen's place for some Burgers, Brownies and Booze. We arrived there when no one was around and the food was being prepared.

All the food all combines into....

Drooling yet? Yup that is an original Saw Wen pork burger. It was nice a juicy and taste extremely good. The combination of fried egg, pineapple and cheese, took us very close to heaven. Mark had 3 burgers I think. After we finished off the burgers, we had hot brownie with vanilla ice cream.

Saw Wen heated it up in the microwave over for like 10 seconds and with the ice cream, it is the perfect combination. Again this is an original bejewelled* choc brownie. See how the choc and ice cream melt together. It was DELICIOUS!!!!

The food and booze was so good that Sharon as again couldn't contain herself.

Sharon eating her burger
Sharon thinks she is a flower
Sharon thinks she is a lamp
Yea pork + sugar + mangkuk-itis = Crazy Ah Chan.

I brought my parents Canon Power Shot S95 along and it had a wink shutter function. What happens is that the camera will focus on a face and all the person has to do is to wink and it will active a 2 second timer. We tested it out tonight.

It worked to a certain degree. As long as you wink big enough. Next we took some group shots.

After the 2 crazy face De Way, he cannot tahan that he so small so he decided to do something to take the attention of the picture.

We proceeded to drink our heads of thanks to one of Saw Wen's colleagues who was force feeding us Grey Goose Vodka. It was really good vodka but we were just downing the shots like it was water. After everyone left the Wen Way's opened their presents to show it to every one.

What is a party without some crazy videos. So this is Saw Wen trying to imitate Ah Chan.

As you would notice our fellow mangkuk-itis member Stephers was missing. She was suffering from upper respiratory track infection and when John asked where Stephers was, Mark said in a super slumber face "She has urinary track infection". All of us laughed our heads off and poor Stephers must have started cough like mad. Sorry Steph. Wish you where there. Really.

It was a great night, we had great food, great dessert, great drinks and even better company. I hope the Wen Way will like the presents that we gave them. Waiting for next year!

Just before I go, I would like to officially congratulate Jim for becoming an honorary Mangkuk-itis. You are one of us now unfortunately. Haha

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