24 November 2010

Shots and Ladders

During the Wen Way birthday party, De Way  got Shots and Ladders as a present. The week after that we had another party to have a go at the Shots and Ladders.

Now before we get to the drinking, we had a heck a lot of food as well. We needed something to soak up all the booze anyway. So we decide to make it a pot luck. Sharon asked her mum to cook curry.

One of the best curry I have had so far. Instead of having it with rice we decided to have it with some bread. Initially Sharon wanted some lemang but since it was so super expensive we settled for bread instead. Gim brought some watermelons and I had a great idea for a shot of the watermelon...

Check out how happy Sharon was when she saw the watermelon. Initially we were thinking there wasn't enough food so Saw Wen decided to order some Pizzas...

The girls hard at work looking for the best deals and decided which pizza to order. Bee Chin was fashionably late but she brought 2 whopping packs of hokkien noddles. We only managed to polish off one.

Saw Wen's parents thought we didn't have enough food and called back to ask Saw Wen if we wanted some yong tau foo. Saw Wen asked her parents to get 6 pieces of yong tau foo since there were like 6 people there. What the parents got were...

In the end Saw Wen's parents bought yong tau foo for like 6 people and in addition 2 packets of curry laksa. The yong tau foo and curry laksa was fantastic and even when we were filled to the brim we were still going at them. We asked Saw Wen's dad where he got it from and all the reply we got was "14th Mile". Next time must really go find this place. The yong tau foo was seriously mouth watering. So much so our own Mangkuk Sharon couldn't wait for the bowls to come she decided to use the cups instead.

With the food settling in our tummies nicely, we adjourn to the hall for the highlight of the night. 

De Way was explaining the rules to everyone and made sure everyone understood what was at stake. Then the fun and drinking began.

Gim looks scared in the second picture and Sharon said "What is there to be afraid off?"

Sharon Pouring the beer

Sharon Posing with the beer

Sharon Polishing off the beer

The eventual winner of the game by finishing it first and also drinking the most was non other then Bee Chin.

Somehow Bee Chin managed to land on all the pitstops (Single Shot, Double Shot, Triple Shot and even one we named ourselves which was 10 shots) and that is why she drank the most but congrats to her she managed to finish off the game first as well. After all the fun, games and drinking we all posed for a victory shot.

Then Miss Chan again was at her old antics and it was all caught on camera.

After all the food, fun, drinks and laugher it was too much for our Miss Chan and she KO-ED nicely on Saw Wen's couch.

Once again it was a successful mangkuk-itis gathering. Looking forward to the next Shot and Ladders night. This time we better ration the food. If we keep going like this my belly is going to reach the floor very soon.


  1. It's vodka shots the next ;-)


  2. i knew it!!!!...u all mangkuks have turned alcoholic!!!!!! jeeezzz......................................LE-GEN....wait for it.....wait for it...DARY!!!!!!...awesome guys...cant wait to join ya'll next!! ;)

  3. Love the shot Bee Chin posed claiming VICTORY! Haha!

  4. DW: If we do vodka sure die much much much faster one

    AC: yea man when you come back we will do it again.

    SW: She will still sober then somemore. Haha