15 November 2010

Home made to Commercial

Saturday we had pork burger at Saw Wen's place, Wednesday we decided to have pork burger at Kissaten. The first time we were at Kissaten, Amy couldn't decide what to eat and we were all super hungry. We tried to move her along and finally after some convincing from the waiter there she decided to try the Teriyaki Pork burger. It was deliciously juicy, the teriyaki sauce was sweet and nice and the egg was cooked so that the yoke was still runny. It was a totally delicious burger.

This time I decided to order it as well.

I seriously hope you are drooling right about now. I mean how can you not unless of course you are of a race that cannot eat this kinda meat. But heck look at the teriyaki sauce dripping down and the egg nicely packed in there. Amy also ordered the burger and this is how she look when it came.

Amy figuring out how to devour the burger

I love the burger so much that to show my appreciation...

I decide to also advertise a little la of this place. I do not want it to chap lap since they do server fantastic burgers and a low low price.

Something that is not low low price at this place is the Green Tea. It cost like 4.90 just for the green tea and being the kiamsiap I am, I couldn't bring myself to pay that. So I ordered some honey lemon soda.

All in all it is a good dinner and anyone hungry for a pork burger should head to Jaya One and directly to Kissaten and order the Teriyaki Pork Burger. There is no regrets there for sure. Well actually got one regret lar, my pants a little tigheter already lar. Crap.

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