19 November 2010


About 1 month or so ago, my company MD decided that a group of us should leave the office and head to Melaka for 3 days of meetings. He thought we were so distracted in the office to concentrate on this big project we are all handling. When wind got out that the 10 of us were going to Melaka, everyone said it was going to be a holiday and we were going there to meet half the day then hang out at the swimming pool with pina colada.

Boy everyone was so wrong. We ended up having meetings from 930am all the way to 8pm and sometimes 9pm at night. I was more tired going through the 3 days then working in the office. Our rooms where on the 20th (top floor) and I managed to catch some shots.

I woke up early on the first morning to take this picture. We got a room that faces the Straights of Melaka and also Pulau Melaka. I took another picture at a more decent time and there was more color in the picture.

The other side of the hotel faces the Eye of Melaka and also the mouth of Sungai Melaka.
Since we didn't have much time to do much sightseeing at night, I could only take some night pictures from the hotel itself. I was surprised with what I got. I never actually expected to get this.

The first picture is the same view of the mouth of Sungai Melaka and the second picture is of Melaka City itself. I was quite shocked when I saw the results.


  1. The last 2 shots were so COOL! How did you do that?

  2. Seriously. I also do not know I would get that when I took it.

    Basically my camera was up against a window and because of the reflection of the window you get that.

  3. Thank you Thank you.

    Totally by luck. Haha