08 November 2010

1 color split into 7 Colors

One weekday morning a couple weeks back I reluctantly woke up from bed. I was so reluctant to wake up because it was drizzling and it was nice and cold. It was so nice to sleep that I felt I was never meant to wake up that morning.

However, I had to wake up and the funny thing about today is that I actually took a look out of my window which I seldom do in the morning. What I saw stunned me.

For some reason I seldom see rainbows in Malaysia. I guess it is because of our weather, it is either super hot or monsoon type rain. It could also be because our driving is so bad that most of the time the Leprechaun at the end of the rainbow was killed before the rainbow can even reach the ground.

The other surprising thing about this morning is that not only did I see 1 rainbow, there was 2 rainbows.

This is truly amazing. Another funny thing about this morning is that when I saw the rainbow, the first thing I did was to take my camera, run down to my garden and took some pictures. I climbed my wall that separates my house from my neighbour to take a picture. My neighbour was washing the dishes and she said "Yes Hello can I help you?"

She must have been blinded or super "fatt hau" man. My camera wasn't even pointed in her direction. It was pointed way upwards and she thought I was taking a picture of her? Sorry AUNTY I won't waste my  shutter on you. CRAZY!!!!

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