29 November 2010

No better way to spend a Sunday

I tell you there is no better way to spend a Sunday then waking up in a nice 5 star hotel, meeting up with some friends for a very very very nice brunch and to top it off with a couple of pints of beer. 

That is what we did after the hectic weekend we had in Singapore. We were in Singapore for a friend's wedding and since Amy was the bridesmaid it was pretty much full on work for 2 days. We didn't really do much other then attend to the wedding stuff but finally on Sunday we managed to do some of our own things. Our friend put us up at the Grand Hyatt Hotel Singapore and it was seriously good. The bed was huge and nice and man the toilet is bigger then my room.

We met up with Juin Wei and Mei Kit who brought us to Dempsey Hill for some brunch. Initially they wanted us to try Cafe Hacienda. Apparently Mei Kit said that the wagyu beef burger is the bomb and suppose to be really cheap. However the place was fully booked out and we ended up at Jones the grocer. This place is a nice grocery shop cum restaurant. They sell all kinds of imported stuff and expensive grocery. We even managed to try some foei gras. That is my first time and it was nothing really to shout about. It taste like you are eating a piece of fat but not really like fat. It has the texture of fat but not the taste of fat.

In the end we settled down and for starters we had coffee...

I had my standard cappuccino and Amy went for her affrogato. My cappuccino was pretty good but Amy said her affrogato was a little too strong. I had a taste but it was after she put in some sugar and it tasted pretty okay to me. To satisfy our hunger I order the Jones Big Breakfast and Amy had the Spanish Omelet.

Both dishes came with sourdough toast which was really nice. It was nicely toasted and very crunchy. The sausages in the big breakfast was really nice and tasty and Amy Spanish Omelet was an interesting combination of Spinach, egg, bacon and tomato sauce. We were extremely full after brunch and I have to thank Juin Wei for paying for our brunch, our treat when you come back next.

With our bellies satisfied, we walked to our eventual destination which was...

Juin Wei has been telling me about this micro brewery which has pretty good and cheap beer. Each pint only cost about SGD 10 bucks. So we all settled in and drank beer while talking about everything under the sun. At the end of the day, 4 and 3/4 pints of beer was consumed and I was drunk. Moreover, we had to take the MRT back to the hotel, grab our stuff and head to the airport for our flight back.

I think there is no way better to spend a Sunday then to have a good brunch and good and cheap beer with some good friends. Thanks Juin Wei.

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