03 November 2010

*Saying Bye Bye*

About 3 plus years ago I walked into a store without the intention of getting anything. I had intentions just to enquire about the price but never thought of buying it as yet. However the super sales man allowed me to test it and after much convincing myself and with Amy's "help", I decided to take the plunge and get it.

So I ended up getting one of the best lens I have ever bought.

Up till today I still maintain this is one of the lens which I bought and didn't regret getting it. At one point in my photography hobby that I only had 1 lens and this was the lens. It was always mounted on my camera and I used it to shoot weddings and events.

It was my walk around lens and it even travelled with me to a couple of overseas destination. However ever since I upgraded to a full frame camera, I am not able to use this lens anymore. If did mount it on my full frame sensor and what I got was.

Since Amy was still using her 400D, I passed it to her and she had it for a good 1 year to 2 years. However she doesn't see much use for it since it is not her cuppa tea. So I decided to post it up online for sale and as of yesterday my Tamron 17-50 F2.8 has a new owner. At least it is being used instead of sitting in a dry box doing nothing.

Even after 2+ years of usage it was still relatively clean and pristine.

So I have to say bye bye to this fantastic lens. Anyone looking for a new lens please purchase this. It is really good and sharp and worth it.

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