01 October 2010

Why do we ever walk at all?

After Penang, we took a ferry to Langkawi which is actually our final destination. Now for anyone planning to go to Langkawi, forget the ferry. It is one of the worst ferry rides I had in a long time. It was 2 hours and 45 min ride on choppy water in a relatively small ferry. I am not one to get seasick but with the undulation of the sea and also the smell and the sight of people barf-ing is just too much even for me. I was sick before we even left port and while we were on the ferry at port, we already booked a flight back using AirAsia. It was cheaper then the ferry anyway.

Well that is another story, one of the most famous tourist attraction in Langkawi is the cable car. We decided to go there one day and just as we were about to reach, it start drizzling a little. I never thought much about it since we will be in a cable car anyway. However as we got there we found out that due to bad weather the cable cars weren't operating.

Slight dejected we walked back to our car and on the way out we saw a place renting Segways. If you do not what Segway is, well it is basically the best way to grow fat without doing anything. It is actually better then walking. Ok ok actually it is a very sophisticated skateboard which will measure how your body moves and it moves accordingly. Apparently you cannot fall off this guy.

It cost us 40 bucks for the beach tour and it was really cheap. Usually they go in the hundreds and the beach tour took about 45 min to an hour and we got to ride the Segway on normal roads towards the beach.

Since we were on the beach we decided to do some sand drawing. Since I have no artistic talent what so ever, mine was just completely bad. However Amy did a much better job then me.

Can you see what the second pictures spell? Since we were on the beach and I got a new phone that can record video, so we did some video-ing as well

We were still getting used to the Segway hence we kinda look like pussy on it. By the way remember how I said you can't fall of this thing? Well I kinda almost did. I was dislodge from the Segway twice and once the Segway actually when to automatic shutdown for safety reasons. So guess it isn't idiot proof.

After about 45 mins of fun we had no choice but to head back and we really enjoyed ourselves. I was thinking of buying one until I asked the guy how much one Segway cost and he told me RM29,000. With that money I can buy a car wei. Crazy.

We had so much fun that I was talking about it all throughout the night. The next day we went back for the cable car, we decided to rent the Segway again. However this time we took the fun ride instead of the beach tour. What we didn't know was that for the fun ride around the place, the Segway were speed limited.

When we first got on and starting running around, I realised when I leaned harder into the Segway, it would push back at me. Wished I paid the 40 bucks for the beach tour and got the non-speed limited Segways.

This time around we were more confident but the speed limitation really sucked. I do not know why I continue to walk after this experience.


  1. Damn, that looks fun!

    Why no video of any of you speeding on one?? And like in all cartoons...crash into some object in much drama? :-P


  2. Oh Dw trust me it was a heck alot of fun man.

    Well when we got the speed unlimited one we will still quite pussy. When we got our confidence the next day we got the speed limited one.

    Wah bro crash means 29k wei. Crazy.