06 October 2010

Gunung Mat Chinchang

After all the Segway fun, we finally managed to take the cable car up to Gunung Mat ChinChang. As said in the previous post it is one of the most popular attractions in Langkawi. The only crap thing was just as we got into the cable car, I got a call from a customer and basically I spent the whole journey up talking to my customer on the phone. It is times like this I wished Maxis didn't have that good coverage.

The cable car is split into 2 levels and the first level is where we really accent the mountain. On reaching the first level, we decided to head to the second level before the weather came in. At the second level is where you have the suspended bridge between 2 peaks of Gunung Mat Chinchang.

We crossed the suspended bridge and it was some spectacular views from the top.

We were suspended more then 100 meters from the ground which is actually the valley in between both peaks.

We spent about an hour or so on top and I shot some pictures of Amy.

Finally we decided that the weather was coming in and it looks like it was going to rain. So reluctantly we we back down to the second level to take some photos and look around.

Just as we were about to head down, the weather did come in and the clouds start to surround the peaks. So we decided to take the next cable car down then get stuck up there in the mountain.

I would have to say the Langkawi Cable car is a world class event and it definitely a place worth visiting when going to Langkawi.