11 October 2010

Meat Eater

The Langkawi Cable car entrance is actually at the Oriental Village. Around the Oriental Village, there are many shops selling souvenirs and also some food. While we were Segway-ing around and we found out that the Oriental Village has a pet tiger. Zanah as she is called is a Malayan tiger that was brought to the Oriental village in February 2010 to commemorate the year of the tiger.

Entrance to the exhibit is surprisingly FREE of charge. Yes you heard it correctly it is free to enter but you have give a 10 ringgit donation if you want to take pictures, 100 ringgit to take pictures that is unobstructed by a tinted window and 150 ringgit if you want the chance to feed her yourself. Seeing that the 10 ringgit will go to the care of the Zanah I decided to donate some money and take some pictures.

Initially she was very shy and was staying way back from the viewing window.

Since I donated 10 ringgit and we were the only people at the exhibit, her trainer decided to attract Zanah's attention. She went outside of the exhibit and tried to call her name but to no avail. Then she went to the feeding area to try to attract her nearer but also to no avail. Finally she ask another person to spray some water in her direction but guess what? To no avail as well, finally the trainer decides to go out and call her name again and in a matter of seconds she was right in front of us.

Later she walked in front of us and lied down and showed herself off.

It was 10 ringgit well worth it for the service we got and on the way out I decided to donate another 10 bucks. 

Just outside the Zanah's exhibit I saw a nice place to do some portraiture. So decided to take some pictures of another meat eater. Well actually she is an omnivore and not as dangerous as Zanah. Well actually depends on how you treat her. Haha

The light was just perfect and it has views of Mount MatChingChang at the back. Had to take the opportunity to take some pictures.


  1. haha...man eater...i only eat one man...hehehe

  2. Let the record show i said MEAT eater and not MAN eater. Hahahahah