16 June 2011

Monster Avocado

Recently while I was back in Sitiawan, I went to my maternal grandma's place and I saw this huge green fruit on the table. I picked it up and the first thing I thought when I felt the fruit was it was an avocado. I love avocado but in Malaysia they are selling it for a little too expensive. I then thought to myself, I have never seen such a huge avocado and not even in Australia where the fruits grow really huge.

The next thing that hit my mind is that maybe it is mango. So I asked my uncle and got confirmation that it was indeed an Avocado that I was holding.

Now in the picture the avocado do not look that big. Here it is beside a pretty large kiwi.

The avocado is like 3 times the length of the kiwi and maybe twice as wide. Now you might say heck that is a really huge kiwi. Well now compare it with my hand.

My fingers are just slightly longer then the avocado. Ok I do admit that I have unusually short fingers for a guy. So to put things to rest as how big this monster of an avocado is.

This monster of an avocado is 6.5 inches long. Now that must be some kinda of record. Freaky

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