15 June 2011

Project KU ku Week 3

Project KU Ku has gone into the 3rd week running now. Things are moving thick and fast. We have gotten most of the stuff that we need to get to complete renovation for now. Today itself we finally got the last piece of the puzzle which is the tap fittings for our bathrooms. We are going so fast that on Friday, our contractors didn't have anything to do and they took half day off on Friday and full day on Saturday.

Week 3 is basically patching up all the walls and getting the walls and also the floors ready to receive the tiles. We got our deliver of tiles on Wednesday but then there were some hiccups. One batch of the tiles didn't come and they were the important wall tiles for the wet kitchen and downstairs bathroom and that was the reason why there wasn't anything to do be done on Friday and Saturday.

The wall between the wet and drink kitchen has been plastered back nicely as well. All it needs now is a coat of paint and done.

The both toilets being renovated are also ready to receive the tiles. However before we could do that, a layer of water proofing is needed. The 4 walls as well as the toilet has been treated with waterproofing material.

The other new thing for today is our 2 feet kitchen bench has also been built. It took us a while to settle the position of the gas cooker hob but we finally got it and the bench was built.

This is how the outside of our wet kitchen is going to look like.

Ah Keong which is the main contractor for our us didn't have much to do so he decided to fit in all the windows as well.

Our feature window got its window sill which is going to look AWESOME. I really can't wait for the windows to go in and the cabinets to go in before we can see how good it will look.

When I say my ID (Zenith Enterprise) moves fast, they really move fast. I confirmed with them on Monday we will engage them to do the alarm and stuff and on Friday, the wiring are all in and just waiting for the walls to be painted and the control box to be installed.

This week which is week 4, it will be tiling and also most likely plaster ceiling time. I really can't wait to see the house when it is finally completed. We have also chosen the colors for all the walls in the house. I hope it is not too colorful.

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