08 June 2011

My very first custom made clothing

The time is approaching near, after this week I will not be legally single anymore. I am no more a mustang in the wild forrest looking for a " good time". 5 months time, I will also not be single anymore in terms of tradition. So in preparation for that, Amy had me make a suit so that I look good on the second occasion. Yea ROM do not need to wear suit lar. You think what? This is Malaysia man, super freaking hot wei.

Anyway last weekend, we finally got a little time to head back to the tailor @ Fit & Match @ The Curve to do my first fitting for my suit. We walked in and guess who we saw sitting there just after his 2nd fitting? None other then....

The Best Ma Lau

Miss bejewelled*

They were finish off their appointment with Ron and then it was my turn to get into my soon to be mine suit. I was apprehensive at the start because I know I have not been a good boy in terms of exercising and eating. I promised Ron that I would lose weight before my first fitting.

He gave me my pants, my shirt and my suit and asked me to strip down to my undies and put on the new suit. Surprisingly, every thing fits just about right. I walked out and I felt good and everything pretty much fits like a glove.

That is Ron Ng trying to molest me during my suit fitting. He wasn't impressed by the suit just yet and did some adjustments here and there to make it look better. He asked me the most silly thing I have heard in my own life. He asked me do I want him to adjust the suit to make me look thinner? OF COURSE LA! However he also gave me a warning to not put on any weight anymore. Even a slight bit of weight will make the suit not fit properly.

Next weekend is the second fitting for me and Best Ma Lau's final fitting I think. I am quite happy with this suit. I actually look good. First time I am wearing something that fits me like a glove.


  1. Thank you very much. Cost me an arm and a leg. Haha

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  3. I am always *hawttt* no matter what. Haha

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  5. Is that the suit are you going to wear? Hmmmm, actually you look great on that suit and so *hawwwttttt*. Hahaha!

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