06 June 2011

Project KU ku Week 2

It has been a tiring week in project KU Ku, our ID has kept us on our toes and have been asking us to get all the stuff he needs to complete the house. We have been going from sanitary shopping to kitchen shopping to fan and bed shopping. Each stop our savings gets a hitting with a min of 700 bucks to a maximum of 3k-4k. Most of the stuff has been bought and hopefully the spending will slowly start to slow down.

Second week at Project KU Ku is basically patching up the stuff that was pretty much demolished on the first week. Seems a little weird to demolish something and build it up again but it is all to make our dry kitchen a little bigger.

First is the wall seperating the dry and wet kitchen has been rebuilt but 2 feet further back. Now the dry kitchen is really taking shape. However it has a weird corner on the right which shall be filled with cabinets and a fridge soon to mask out that corner.

Next is our 2 feet "feature" window, oh yea nowadays when it comes to house renovation, "feature" is the in word. We need feature wall and feature toilet and now I have named our new window our feature window.

The window is shaping up to be a very nice part of the house and hopefully when it is done and the cabinets are in, it would really look good.

The new toilet also is shaping up nicely, all the piping are in and are awaiting a coat of water proofing and then the tiling begins. Unfortunately, it is a little delayed because some of our bathroom fittings are coming in from the supplier and a few things are yet to be decided yet. However at least the wall to the toilet has been built.

We had to do some re-designing on the kitchen and toilet a bit, initially my plan to be a rebel and to save some cost didn't work. Our ID said that it doesn't looks nice and what we initially had in mind won't be very efficient. So we had to change and well it costed us some extra money there. I think Amy is also a little relieved my idea didn't work. :)

The windows at existing window at the guest room has also been sealed up...

The tiles outside also have been removed and been prepped to await the tiles to go on them.

The drain has also been sealed but I forgot to take a picture of it. The pictures above were from last week.

This week (week3) tiling works will begin and our wet kitchen top will start to be built but waiting on our kitchen sink.

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