24 June 2011

Project KU Ku Week4

Another update to project KU Ku which is going into week 4 now. Today during lunch I curi tulang a bit and drove down to check out the house. Yesterday they connected all my upstairs bathrooms to the mains water to get a little bit more water pressure in all the toilets. After consulting with the experts, this is the best way to go about it because a water pump might be too strong for the current piping to handle.

Unfortunately after the mains was connected and the water was turned on, the house sprang a leak.

It looks like there is a leak in the piping in the bathroom right at the back and the water is flowing through the black pipe in the picture. Unfortunately, we also do not know where the leak is other then it is in the bathroom. This means they have to hack the tiles in the bathroom and we didn't plan to renovate that bathroom. So I have to go and check if we can buy the same exact tile for the piece they hack. Lucky we didn't put a water pump or they might be a fountain in the house. 

Most of the tiles are in and we are very happy with the tile selection. The only thing left to be tiled is the outside apron. Looks like it is going to match the house nicely. Now it all depends on the paint selection and if it goes with the tiles.

Next week all the tiling should be done, they will fix the leak we have and once that is sorted then it is plaster ceiling time.

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