21 June 2011

The Run is coming

It is less then a week to the Standard Charted KL Marathon 2011. Last year I signed up as well, but then right at the end I piked out. This year once again I have decided to sign up as motivation for me to run and lose weight for our wedding. About a month or 2 back I was really into serious running and every week I would increase the distance I was running. I was on schedule to try to hit at least 5-7km without stopping until 2 weeks back when I sprained my ankle bad while playing badminton.

Till today, more then 2 weeks later, my ankle still hurts when I start jogging. It is still healing unfortunately. I am determined to make the KL Marathon 2011 but instead of running, I plan to fast walk the entire 10km. Hopefully I can still come in within the 2 hour mark. 

Last week I got my race pack sent to me....

It came while I was at work and suddenly I got a call from someone from Skynet. He said that my maid didn't have her passport and he needed my IC number. I gave it to him and after that I got worried that it was a con. Lucky it was real and I got my race pack. I opened it up and...

This year the race pack seems to have shrunk alot. Inside was my runners shirt, my bib number, my timing device, race guide, some adverts, some muscle relieving cream and a voucher for Timex watches. I threw most of the adverts away because they were super useless.

My bib number is K-18929, do not need to be looking out for this number as well I am not going to be blazing the course for sure. The timing device is an RF device which you have to tie on your shoe. The race guide was pretty interesting and I had a read through. 

It had alot of tips of what to do before the race and what to do after the race. It also tells us where to park and what time to be there.

I tried this muscle ache reliever cream on my ankle last night. Didn't feel much when I put it on. However I think my ankle feels a lil better today. Maybe it is in my mind. Whatever it is as long as my ankle heals. Hopefully it doesn't die mid way through the 10km. :)


  1. sprained ur ankle huh? excuses!!!! run jason run!!! run like the wind!! lol

  2. Wahahah. I think Amy won't allow me to run also. I wanted to run if I could

  3. Use Counterpain, it's better than the one you got for free.

  4. Oh, motivation will be the special breakfast Steph is making before the run!!!

  5. Haha. I just try try only mah since it is free. Counterpain only relieves the pain. Doesn't really do much other then that. This one apparently has 9 essential oils to heal.

    Wah u also know about the breakfast? Yup I can't wait to sink my teeth into the breakfast. Thanks Steph