02 June 2011

Project KU ku

First week has come and gone and now going already 3/4 pass the second week. On the first week, things went faster then we could imagine. 2 days into project KU ku, our ID already started to tell us what he needs for this week and next week to ensure that we stay on schedule. For the past week and a half Amy and I have been going around on weekends and week days to get household stuff and spending a heck alot of money.

First week of Project KU Ku is basically all about hecking and destroying walls...

Check out our once not too battered looking house. Basically the wall at the back that you see is the back of our house which is shared with our back neighbour. The wall separating the dry and wet kitchen has been demolished and moved back by 2 feet to make the dry kitchen a little bigger.

However there are consequences of moving walls and all that. One of them is that the moved wall will sit exactly at where the window to the guest room is. So no choice had to move the window forward and now the windows a uh slightly smaller as well.

Big hole on the right is original window and middle hole is the new window. Hope the room gets enough ventilation. In any case, we doubt people will be sleeping in there. It would basically be converted into our study room.

We wanted to do some hanging cabinets for our dry kitchen but a window was in the way and initially we just wanted to close the entire thing up. However Uncle Tho told us that if we did then the dry kitchen will be very dark most of the time and that is not good. So he designed for us a nice horizontal window. We are very excited about this new addition. We are hoping it will turn out nice.

We also moved the downstairs toilet from it existing position to a smaller room on the side to make way for the wet kitchen. The original design of the house had the toilet right in the middle of the wet kitchen.

Yea the wall got one heck of a acne problem here and it is to make way for the water proofing as well as the tiles since this will be changed to a toilet where it was once not a toilet and didn't have any tiles on it.

The other thing that was done this week were also wiring for the downlights. All this happened within a week and it was crazy fast.

Next week the walls will go in and more wiring will be done and then the tiling starts. Stay tuned. :)

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