22 June 2011

The world is just Awesome

Oh yea if you think I have been watching too much Discovery Channel, then you are correct. Actually in recent times, I have not been watching enough Discovery Channel. Now they are concentrating on human aspect documentary like "I shouldn't be Alive" and all that. However I am more into technology and building stuff.

Anyway that is besides the point, on Sunday after sending Amy home I came back around 10.30pm. I got out of the car and caught a sight of the moon and it was just peaking out from behind back of the houses. It was huge and it was very yellow as well. I quickly locked my car up and ran upstairs to gather my camera gears. By the time I got back down and remembered how to turn on my camera, the moon was significantly higher then before. The money shot that I had in mind has passed. So no choice but to just shoot what I got. 

I have pointed my camera at the moon many a times before, but all the shots usually come out the same. Just the moon and nothing else. There is no context to the shot. They all basically look like...

You can see the craters on the moon and stuff, but without a longer zoom lens the picture looks like any other picture that I have shot.

This time however, the moon was relatively low in the sky while still remaining huge. I only got one good shot that had some "foreground" while still able to see the moon.

It is still not really what I wanted. I would have liked if the moon was close down to the houses and then it would be a money shot.

Need to go pinjam a longer lens so that I can really take a close up of the moon. I was told some people actually strap their camera onto a telescope to get good moon pictures.


  1. Pls beware of werewolves while taking full moon shots.

  2. Lucky it was a few days after the full moon. Hehe