26 July 2011

After a Tiring Day

On Friday Amy and I finally got phase 1 of our wedding stuff completed. We went for our pre-wedding shoot which started off with some pretty nervous weather. When we woke up and I first opened the sliding door, I was greeted with some cold wind and the smell of rain. Looking up at the skies, it looked like it was going to rain and I was pretty sure it would and we would be shooting some pretty gloomy weather. Lucky the weather was on our side and I think we had a successful whole day cam whoring session. First time in my life I cam whore so much.

This is how happy Amy is after our successful cam whoring session.

After the cam whoring session, we decided to celebrate a little and head to Ben's General Store for some dinner

The food and decor that is place is really nice. They had decked out the place like a farm house.

They are even kind enough to put on a wall a dessert recipe...

Looking around the place, there is this sign that really caught my eye...

Now I didn't know that. Enough with the decoration now lets talk about the food. Since already taken pre-wedding photos, so can makan a bit more a bit lar. :) However we decided to order something unhealthy and something healthy. For the healthy portion, we saw the Cesar salad and it looked really good so we decided to get it.

What was interesting about this salad is well it ain't a normal Cesar salad. See that yellow biscuit looking thing on the bottom left of the picture? That is actually some melted Parmesan cheese. Normally it would be sprinkled all over the salad. Same goes for the "bacon", in this case it is again beef bacon. If you see the top right you will see a brown potato chip looking thing. That is the "bacon" which is usually cut into small pieces and sprinkled all over the salad. Last but not least is the croutons, instead of small little squares, we got big piece of bread. Amy didn't like this new rendition of the Cesar salad but I kinda like it. It was new and refreshing.

Next comes the unhealthy bit which is the pizza....

Last time I was here with some other friends we ordered the Il Carnivore. Basically it is a pizza with chorizo, chicken sausage and lamb meatballs. It taste superb but it think it would taste even better if it was uh with some uh pork. Hehehe. The good thing about this place is they provide....

The bottle on the left is olive oil with some rose mary herbs soaking in it and the bottle on the right is olive oil with chilli. The chilli one goes real well with the Il Carnivore as because it is meat and a little of spice goes a long way on the palate.

Our second unhealthy order was the nutella milkshake, I tell you this milkshake is really to die for...

It feels like they threw a couple of ferrero roche and blended it with milk and some decent vanilla ice cream. We were pretty satisfied with the food.

Now after we have praised this place so much comes the uh little bad news. One thing I do not like about this place is the service. This is my 3rd time here at Ben's General store in Bangsar village and on my 2 previous visits here, we were actually told to leave the restaurant as because they were closing. I always feel that at a nice restaurant, no matter what they shouldn't tell their patrons to leave. They can always indicate it by bringing the bill or cleaning up but never ask people to leave. 

On my second visit, we ordered 3 beers and we saw the beer bottle sitting out on the counter for a good 10 minutes without it being served. We actually were 3/4 the way through our meal and the beer still wasn't served. Finally I asked them and they said they are waiting for glasses from their sister restaurant on the outside. It left me wondering, it is only a 1 min walk across, get someone to do it instead of letting the beer get warm and your customers waiting.

This time on my 3rd visit again I was disappointed by the service. We ordered warm water and when the water came it was cold water. I told the "manager" that served us and he just conveniently said they didn't have warm water. Why did he not mention it when we ordered it in the first place? I also saw a lady walking in with a baby in her arms and 2 "managers" attended to her but not one of them thought the lady need a baby seat for her baby. She had to ask for it then only she got it. I think this is not the type of service I expect from a place like this.

We wrote a feedback card and said the food and ambiance is great but service really needs some work. That is the unfortunate part. I would come back for the food if they increased their service level.


  1. The Pizza looks so inviting!! *drool*

  2. Quite nice I have to say. Should give it a try but do not expect too much in terms of service.