19 July 2011

What the Heck Moment

This morning I was on the throne (sorry for being disgusting but have to tell a story mah), I was reading a Men's Health Magazine and I flipped to a page with this...

Your eyes first went to the to hot chicks on the right huh? All you dirty guys. Anyway actually my eyes also went there, however since I have been reading alot of American magazines, I am quite used to them advertising sexual enhancement pills and potions. Usually I would just look at the hot chick and then flip the page. However this one caught by eye a little. Let me show you a close up.

See anything interesting? Well what caught my eye was the name of the pill was TenagaXX. Tenaga to me is such a Bahasa Malaysia word and what is it doing in an American Health magazine. So I decided to read further and to my shock....

Check out the 2nd and 3rd line. "Tenaga XX unlocks Malaysian Rainforest to delivery energy, stamina and power to maXXimize your performance". Unfortunately there was an "*" and if you read the fine print it says, "This Statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. They even have a website which yup I went to check out.

Dun play play man, on the website it says Developed in collaboration with the MIT Research Center man. Not joke. Wonder if they sell it here. Haha.

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