05 July 2011

Project KU Ku Week 5

It has been 1 month and it looks like it has flew by just like that. Second progress payment has been paid and suddenly progress at the house is much slower then at the start. This week the tiling work continues and finally the apron has tiles as well.

This is the cheapest tiles we bought and it is looking good. Unfortunately after they completed the tiling of the apron, it was found that the apron is 6 inches higher then the man hole covers. Reason for that is because we tiled all the way to the drain and also the fact that the ground sank quite a bit. So we had to fork out some cash to increase the high if the man hole covers. If not it would look weird.

Besides that they are also starting to install our plaster ceiling. It is a superb mess in the house because of the plaster ceiling installation.

Once the plaster ceiling goes in, they will start to cut holes for the downlights. I can't wait for that to happen then they can start the painting. That should be almost the last part of major works that they need to do.

We also got delivery of our masterbed room king size bed....

Unfortunately it still have to be under wraps because we still have yet to grind and polish the floors upstairs.

One good news about Week 5 is that they have found the leaking and lucky for us, it doesn't involve hacking into the tiles of bathroom. They found out that the leak was actually because of the overflow valve from the water tank. Phew.

Week 6 is all about plaster ceiling and depending on the weather, they will start painting the walls. I shall not singing this whole week so that they are able to paint the walls.


  1. Darn it, was gonna ask if you guys wanna ber-karaoke this weekend! :P

  2. Wahahhaha. It is ok, you all can go ber-karaoke. I am heading to Penang for some good durians. :)