27 July 2011

One Epic Post

This is going to be one epic post because I think we laughed so much that night that we almost had an accident. We laughed so much in the car on the way home I couldn't drive straight anymore. Anyway the night started off by the Mangkuk's meeting up for dinner at Kota Damansara to celebrate KC0001 (initial carrier of mangkuk-itis virus). I had dinner already pre-arranged with another group so we joined up with the mangkuks for drinks at....

When Amy and I arrived it was still happy hour so without delay we ordered...

See how happy Amy is with her Hoegaarden. The mangkuk-itis joined us sometime later and then begin lar all the stupid talk and laughing. However the main event of the night was of course the celebration of KC0001's birthday. There is nothing better to celebrate a birthday other then having cake with candles and a birthday song.

It was a nice mango cake that Saw Wen got from Australia Confectionery in Sea Park.

Without much fanfare, we sang a birthday song, KC0001 blew the candles out, made a speech and then cut the cake. This is where suddenly things took a different twist for the "worst". First Sharon decided to crash a 21st Birthday Party right beside us. A lady was turning 21 and her family and friend had a section all for themselves but most importantly they had some helium balloons as decoration. Sharon being herself decided to crash the party and ask for a baloon. I tell you that lady had muka as tebal as a nuclear bunker. 

However she did managed to get a baloon and she decided to pay KC0001 back for all the hardship he has put her through.

Yup she decided to tie the baloon to KC0001's neck and shame him for the whole night. First he was not too happy and struggled with his new "collar". After a while he gave up and decided to live with it...

Then after a while he got to liking his new partner and started too appreciate it by first taking a picture with it...

Then kiss it...

Then Lick it...

Then use it to hang himself...

Finally after a good 30 min he decided to live with it as an extension to himself...

Not before he tried to get some help from Saw Wen to help him to get rid of it...

Saw Wen also failed so we decided to instead start to tell lame jokes. This was sort of a torture for KC0001 who missed my rom and hence missing out the lame joke-ness. One thing that continue to surprise me is how one lame joke and extend to many other lame jokes especially when alcohol is involved. However with the influence of alcohol part of the lame jokes also gets forgotten. Here is a clip of them trying to remember some "pau" lame joke.

After we got going, John really came into his elements and told a few "pau" lame jokes of his own. I was pretty surprised at that. Now after all the lame jokes were over, this is where it got really strange. I cannot remember why but suddenly there was a cake fight that broke out right in front of us between Sharon and KC0001. They were throwing cakes at each other and all I could do was stand back, laugh and continue to take a video.

They were throwing cake at each other until Sharon got some on her hair somemore. I tell you they are like 2 married couple fighting. This Amy pulak dem funny lor. She actually took the camera all the way into the girls toilet and recorded Sharon washing the cake out of her hair. What she forgot was she was in the girls toilet and well uh recording shouldn't be allowed in the toilet.

Now you would think nothing can beat the cake fighting between Sharon and KC0001 right? Well you are so wrong because when we all got into the car, we decided to ask KC0001 to inhale the helium from the balloon and say something. First 2 tries was a failure but when it happened, we almost had an accident because I was laughing so hard I couldn't concentrate on driving. We actually stopped by the side of the road and laughed for a good 5-10 minutes before I recovered enough to continue driving. The video of the incident is with Steph. Steph, you got to upload that video and show it to the world. Oh by the way, I laughed so much I was actually crying.

It was a seriously fun and well a little dangerous night. We almost got into accident not because of alcohol but because of Helium.


  1. Thanks Steph for helping out!!

    Thanks Amy for the recording!!

    Kelvin Choo, vengeance is mine!! *glare*

  2. I am laptop-free for 2 weeks lah...can I pass you the vid to edit & upload? Haha!

  3. Ah Chan: Well it is true wat?

    Ah Goh: Uh can. However now u got laptop already mah. Haha