14 July 2011

Putrajaya 2011

I think Putrajaya has been shot to death by any photographers in Malaysia with any camera irrespective of being a DSLR or a Point and Shoot. However I think about 2-3 months back, the ladies (Sharon, Saw Wen and Amy) went clothes shopping which left the guys (De Way and I) at home with nothing much to do. I needed to go down to Putrajaya JPN to sort out some Marriage Registration stuff, so we decided to make a trip out of it. 

  1. Go down to JPN to confirm our (Amy and I, not De Way and I) single status
  2. De Way wanted to sort out some information about his on registration with Saw Wen
  3. Go out shooting
So we set off and I was armed with 2 cameras which was my trusty Canon 5D and film camera the Canon 5. After we got all the information we needed. It was time to go into the heat armed with our lens.

We started at the JPN office where we parked and we started walking around. One difference between this trip and my other trips is this time I was walking in between the building and shoot stuff other then the building itself. I was armed with my macro so I did some macro shooting.

Without a LCD to confirm that what I shot was in focus, it was pretty much a hit or miss affair. Lucky some of the picture I took came out relatively focused. When shooting on film, you have to really take your time and ensure you have composed the picture and also the focus is spot on. There is almost no repeat and like I mentioned a few times, you do not know the result until it is way too late.

After some macro work, I swapped my lens to the wide angle to do some "street shooting". There weren't many people around so there is no one to shoot at.

From shoot the street, I went to shoot some "artistic" stuff...

The picture above is actually a shot of a bench. Now guess what the next picture is...

Give up? Well actually it is a facade of one of the new building in Putrajaya. Check it out

One thing that I realised this time around shooting in between the building and all is that most of the building are not fully occupied. In fact most of them on ground floor were pretty much empty. The other positive thing is that in between the buildings, there were quite a few cafes, makan area and also general stores. I have never seen this side of Putrajaya before. I guess the people working there need a place to eat after all.

While walking through one of the building, I came to a clearing and right in front of me was this nice looking building. I didn't know what it was but walking nearer I found out it was actually a mosque. Nice Mosque in the middle of all the buildings. One thing I have always wanted to do was walk into a mosque and take some pictures. However I think it is a sensitive issue since it is a place of worship and more so since my racial orientation is different.

Right at this point, I ran out of film and then it is time for the Canon 5D to come out and show why digital rules. Here are some macro shots I took with the 5D.

Of course with the almost free shooting of digital, I am able to shoot multiple angle of the same object and also check my focus and exposure. This allowed me to take more risk and to go nearer and a real close up of the subject without fearing of the focus being out or something like that. When I talk about taking a risk and getting close, I am able to do this...

I have been trying to take the filaments on a hibiscus flower for a while now. However never been able to get a nice and clear shot. I think this is maybe a half decent attempt at it. I think to get that shot above, it took me about 10-15 tries. I can never do it with a film camera unless I was super rich of course.

As again for the shots above it took me close to 20 shots just to get the tip of the "flower" within the flower to be focused. If you did that with film, there goes most 3/4 a roll of film and you do not even know you got it right until much much later.

After all the macro on the 5D, I once again slapped on the wide angle and went building shooting.

This time the shoot we had in Putrajaya was very much different to the ones I have gone on. This time there is no standard pictures of bridges, PICC, Prime Ministers Department, etc. We went down the way where not many people went.

De Way you said your pictures will be up in a week after the shoot. Apa macam bro?

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