01 July 2011

Amy's 29th Birthday

Update: Sorry everyone. Actually Amy is only 28 this year. I incremented her age just so that she fits in with my group of friends. :)

Once again the mid point of the year comes and has gone. This also signifies that someone has become one year older, one year more matured, one year more experienced and one year knowledgeable. Who am I speaking about, well it is not other then my darling wife.

This year the celebration was more mellow compared to the previous 5 years we have been together. Usually, I will try to get Amy a usable/meaningful present for her birthday. However this year, I didn't get her anything and NO this is not because we are married and all the romantic stuff goes down the toilet. It is just that this year we have agreed we will take one year off to settle our house renovation and also our wedding.

So last night we went for a simple dinner at The Blue Cow Cafe in Plaza Damas. The thing that attracted us to this place is because Number 1 is they are non-halal and serve PORK. The other thing is also because a couple weeks back I saw groupon offering a voucher for all day BBQ breakfast for 30 bucks instead of 50 and I bought 2 of them.

After we did our ordering of the food, I wanted to be a little artsy fartsy and took some pictures with my parent's S95. Oh yea sudah downgrade from my SLR to a canon S95.

For some reason after coming back to Malaysia and about 5 years later, I started to like drinking Ginger beer. The funny thing is that in Australia Ginger beer is dirt cheap and they have a heck alot of varieties. Initially I saw the gingerbeer was selling for 5 bucks and I thought hey that is a pretty good deal. So I ordered it and the guy said they only have the bottle one. I was thinking well what is the difference, it should still be 5 bucks. Unfortunately apparently the bottle one cost a cool 13 bucks.

If I added 2 bucks more, I could have been drinking real beer. Nevertheless, the ginger beer actually tasted pretty good. Crazy expensive but pretty good. Soon after our meal arrived and man it was a whooper. Please people prepare a bip. I am not joking you, keep your mouth closed and I would not be held responsible for any failing laptops and phones due to excessive drooling.

What you see there is the All Day BBQ breakfast set which we have ordered for dinner. Who say you cannot eat breakfast for dinner. It is called breakner. Basically this puppy consist of 3 slices of seriously good bacon. It has been fried till crispy and it is not overly salty. This is the real deal people, not crappy turkey or beef bacon. This is pure unadulterated pork bacon with the fat all over it.

The bacon is complemented with 2 pieces of juicy PORK sausage and yup it taste dem freaking good as well. I am sitting here in the office blogging and drooling at the same time. Where is my bip? The pork sausage here is just as good as any. The sausages were nice and juicy and the most important thing was they were also firm and "springy". To top off all the nice and juicy meat, they also threw in a piece of steak to make this a big huge meal. The steak unfortunately was ok ok only. It was a little tough and didn't have much taste to it, but heck we were here for the pork instead of beef.

Other then meat, they also had scrambled eggs, grilled tomatoes and also sauteed button mushrooms. The scrambled eggs where delicious and the star performer were the button mushrooms. Sauteed with some butter and completed with some ground black pepper. Absolutely perfection.

This was my plate at the start of the dinner...

This was what was left...

But before that we also ordered the Irish lamb stew...

Unfortunately, this dish didn't live up to its name. For some reason nowadays when someone mentions to me Irish Lamb stew, I think about the Secret Recipe Lamb Shank. 2 completely different dish but that is what I picture in my head when someone says Irish stew. This Irish stew however was a little bland. Not enough taste of the spices and even the ground black pepper couldn't help. The lamb however was pretty good. It was really tender and soft that it breaks down once it goes into your mouth. However it is not overly tender that it becomes mush. You can still taste the muscle and sinew of the lamb as you chew on it.

After all that.....

Satisfied burp! The best thing is this meal didn't really cost a bomb as well.

Plus the 30 bucks I paid for the groupon that makes this meal about 80 bucks. For the amount of food we had, I think it was pretty worth it. The All Day BBQ breakfast is a winner but the Irish Stew is not. We should have ordered the Sausage platter instead. That would have been superb considering the pork sausage was already fantastic.

To top the night off, we went to Ah Bean Kopitiam to sing a birthday song to Amy and what birthday is complete without well a cake and some candles.

Happy Birthday Amy. Not as great as the years gone by but I promise it will be better next year.


  1. Uh Steph, we are already 30 lar. Stop being in denial. :)

  2. bugger...he incremented my age twice!...-_-"...i've only just turned 28 mister!!...grrrrrr

  3. Wahhahahaha. You blow my mind f**king with Steph already. Now she won't doubt herself anymore. Spoil sport.