20 July 2011

Penang Again

Yup it is our yearly pilgrimage to Penang for nothing other then Balik Pulau durians. I still maintain they have the best durians there and the best thing of all is that it is way cheaper then what we get here in KL. About a month back while Dr Ooi was back we had 5 fruits which cost us 180 bucks. In Penang we had 8 fruits + water + tea + manggis + rambutan and only cost us 130 bucks. Now that is what I call a steal.

This time going back to Penang I was armed with my Macro. I know that my bro's place has a nice lotus pond in the vicinity and I wanted to capture some lotus. However before we did that I took a picture of a little critter in the house first.

That is my brother's pet prawn. He is quite into aquarium and them prawns are not for eating but they actually clean the tank up a bit of algae and dirt. Next I went outside and a caught sight of....

I first saw this flower in Seremban back about 5 or 6 years back. It is really cool because of the filament of the flower. It makes for fantastic macro shots.

After that we walked to the lotus pond and we were disappointed. All we had were....

Last time we were there, I didn't have my macro with me and it was kinda like the rainy season so there were even mushrooms. This time around nothing interesting to take at the Lotus Pond other then the standard water shot...

On the way back there were some cat whisker lalang. At least I think it is called cat whiskers lar...

 Walking around a bit I saw....

Only managed to take a couple of pictures and it flew away. Only got one that is remotely sharp. It started raining in the afternoon all the way to the evening. Once the rain stopped, I once again took my camera out to maybe and hopefully get some pictures of water droplets. Didn't get much but got some flowers again...

The only difference between this set and the previous set is that if you look closely enough you can see water in between the flowers which I thought was pretty cool.

Next day we went for some Durians and after we had our durians, Amy and my sister in law were admiring the pond full of Japanese Koi and guess what? The guy working there told them that the fish also eat durians. Last year when we were there we saw them feeding their dogs with durians. I think dogs still ok lar but feeding durians to fish is a little too much right. I didn't believe it until....

I guess at a durian farm, they do not have alot of things but they have a heck alot of durians. Since the owner and the patrons are durian crazy, I guess their pets should also be durian crazy. :)

Just as we were about to leave the place, I saw some really nice flowers and out comes the macro again.

Wah beautiful..... Right beside it there was another one but a little bluerr...

The only problem with this shot is obvious, there is a fly right in the middle of a sea of yellow color. I could not decide if it is the way the flower gets its nutrition because there was some sort of liquid in it or it is just a very unlucky fly.

It seems not only do humans, dogs and fish like durians apparently little guys like durians as well..

Again another successful year of having some super good Balik Pulau durians. Now back to KL to get some expensive durians. :)


  1. Very impressive photos as always!! =)

    My ulcers also are enjoying the durian feast.

  2. I thought the Prawn was a cockroach! -.-"

  3. Ah Chan: Thanks. I try my best. However nowdays my photos boring lar. No spice.

    Stephers: How does it look like a cockroach? Cockroach is black on lar. It would be funny that my bro has a pet cockroach. Haha

  4. It looked like a cockroach from my small, non-HD iPhone screen lah...my bad!

    PS. I'm laptop-free for 2 weeks! Woo!!

  5. Wah so fun. Somemore going for holiday