13 July 2011

Old Technology

I have posted some photos which I took on film before on this blog, I finally got my other set of films scanned by my colleague and it was so long ago I totally forgot what I shot with it. I think that is the one thing I love about shooting film is that well you do not know what you going to get until you get the film developed. In my case developing is fast but getting it scanned takes a longer while.

This particular set of films, I used it while I was back in Sitiawan and took some pictures around my grandmother's shop.

I was told by one of my relatives that one of these set of shops in the above shot used to belong to my paternal grandparents. Unfortunately it was sold a long long long time back and now this set of 3-4, 3 story shop lots has been converted to a birds nest. In fact this is most likely one of the pioneers in raring birds nest in a commercial building in Sitiawan. Apparently it is also one of the most successful and can rake in 100,000-400,000 bucks on harvesting month.

What caught my eye about this particular shot was the nice blue shutter and metal door which was a stark contrast to the white walls around it. I imagined the shot would come out slightly different but that is the thing with film. You do not know what you gonna get until much later on. So you cannot "re shoot" it after previewing it on the LCD of a modern digital camera.

The wall to the left of the shot above also captured by eyes because of the color...

This particular shot also showed how bad the distortion on my lens was because I had to do alot of corrections on the shot so that the bricks and walls were all lined up straight. Now we go for some black and white shots.

The first shot above is a shot of the main doors that are still being used in some of the shop houses in my hometown. They are still using the wooden doors that can be folded inwards to open the doors of the shop. My maternal grandparents shop is also using the same sort of door and it located right beside the first shot above. The second shot is actually a shot I took inside my maternal grandparents shop house in the hall. The picture hung on the wall is actually a family photo of all the sons and daughters of my maternal grandparents with my grandparents in the photos as well.

Last but not least is a uh... blur shot of something.

I shot this with an extremely low shutter speed and hoping that I was steady enough to get the shot. My maternal grandparents opened a general store selling all kinds of things from buttons for clothes to sationary. It was later taken over by my aunt and uncle who till this day runs a very successful commisioner of oath.

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