28 June 2012

Cute Code names

Now everyone of you who know me a bit well knows that I have been an Android supporter ever since I got onto the smartphone wagon. I resisted the temptation to buy the iPhone which was good thing and hopped onto the Android bandwagon when I got my first smartphone which is the HTC Desire. 2 years on I am still using it and mildly still happy with it.

Alot of people label me as an Android fanboy but in the end I am tech junkie and I will even recommend Apple products depending the requirement. However again I digress. This post is about how Google the makers of the popular Android smartphone OS names their OS version. They name them thing like Froyo (Frozen Yogurt) Donut, Eclair, etc. However that is not only it, each time a new OS comes out their front lawn gets a make over. Check it out....

Now we start off with of course the Android mascot which is the little green logo and the first Android Operating system was dubbed Cupcake which was version 1.5 and it came out in April 2009. Next was Donut (V1.6, September 2009) and followed by Eclair (V2.0, October 2009). The they were developing their software goes against the way Apple makes it products. Apple perfects everything before launching anything. They only make one upgrade per year but El Goog can released updates as they go. Some people like it some people don't. Being a tech junkie I love to keep having updates with new features and fixes.

Then came a long stint till May 2010 when they released Froyo (V2.2)....

When I got my Desire in June of 2010, I got the Froyo version which was soon upgraded to Gingerbread (V2.3, December 2010). These were all smartphone OS and when Apple launched the iPad, manufacturers who wanted to rival the iPad were putting Froyo & Gingerbread into their tablets. This wasn't going to be popular because the OS wasn't made for tablets. So El Goog had no choice but to release Honeycomb  (V3, February 2011) which was sort of the first OS tablet. Honeycomb never made it into the smart phone arena.

In October 2011, Google released Ice Cream Sandwich (V4.0) which was the OS that combines Gingerbread with Honeycomb with a heck alot of improvements. Everyone hailed Ice Cream Sandwich to be the great iOS beater then it was pretty close. Android operating system always had the best notification for any smartphones and even Apple which usually sues people for copying their ideas had to "copy" a similar Android notification style. 

Today hails the beginning of a new generation as....

a new statue of jelly bean has been installed on the front lawn. Jelly bean is suppose to be version V4.1 and while I was never really excited about the Ice Cream Sandwich update, reading about Jelly Bean makes me wanna go out and buy a new phone/tablet.

Yea  you can see I am a geek and a bit of an Android fanboy. Hehe

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