12 June 2012

Today Marks the Date

Today marks the date that one year ago this happened.....

First The NORMAL Group Picture

The Some Angry people picture

Then Start Crazy picture number 1

The Then Paul Frank pose

Now alcohol kicked in so crazy picture No 2

Alcohol Full swing already so crazy picture No 3

Cap things off I kick Sharon Chan for the fun of it
What actually happened was a bunch of crazy people went back to where my parents grew up, mainly to makan as much fuchow food as they can stuff in and as a side line also attend a....

I actually can't believe it that it has been a year now since I signed my life to the devil I signed on the dotted line to get married. I think till today it is still one of the best decisions I made and I would not regret it yet. It was a good weekend we had in Sitiawan with loads of food, laughter and I hope everyone enjoyed themselves and had a taste of what my parents grew up with.

Funny story was that 2 weeks ago we were having drinks at Royal Oak Jaya One and I got burned big time. We met a new friend Chris and he asked Amy and I how long we were married. Amy said almost a year and I said almost 6 months. Why the difference? Well it is all about perspective and in my mind I always thought we got married on the day we had our official wedding dinner which is 11th November 2011. However Amy thinks it is the date I signed my life to the devil we signed on the dotted line to be legally married.

To my uh detriment I found out yea it should actually be the date of our ROM. So we have been married for a good 1 year now and man time has flown really fast. It has its ups and downs but most up and I shall cherish this moment 1 year ago when I legally changed my marital status from Bujang to Kahwin.


  1. Thanks Steph even if it brings back bad memoried. :)

  2. That weekend was filled with good memories...the only bad one was the foochow Fear Factor dish! :P

    1. Only the bamboo shoot dish man. It still taste dem good to me at least. Hehe

  3. That's cos you're Foochow! :P

    FFF = Foochow Fear Factor