06 June 2012

LRT Adventures

Since I think the LRT so often, I think I should start a LRT adventure blog post going. Lots of people loath the LRT because they say got too many people on board and people stink and all that. However if you know where to stand usually there is no one around you. People for some reason like to crowd the entrance. I stay far way from it.

On the LRT you get to take pictures such as.....

The other best thing is you can shop on the way to work or on the way back. Once in a while when Amy and I car pool, she will drop me off at Kelana Jaya station instead of Taman Bahagia. The good thing about Kelana Station is there is a lot of shops there to buy stuff. There is a Guardian, 7Eleven and even the famous Kedai 1Malaysia. 

One day I was trying to be healthy and decided to have tuna and vege for lunch. 

So decided to give Kedai Raykat 1Malaysia a try.....

It wasn't exactly like super cheap as I expected but then again it wasn't the 1Malaysia brand. It was Ayam brand. They didn't have the 1Malaysia brand, if not I would actually buy it and try it. Haha.

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