27 June 2012

Once again we have to say Thank You to our neighbours

It is that time of the year again where for some unknown stupid reason, our neighbours feel the urge to burn alot of something and cause alot of smoke which in the end gets blown to our country. I mean seriously, if you want to kill yourself please go ahead but don't lar kill us too. They should make a law like smoking. There should be a no burning zone and it includes all the farm land out there in our neigbouring country and of course not to mention ours as well. 

We can debate about how they are burning their farm land but we have to look at our own arse as well because our arse is also on fire.

Those pictures where taken last week and it was super bad. However I think the event coordinators of the Standard Chartered Kuala Lumpur Marathon must have hired a bomoh (witch doctor) to clear the haze because it was nice a clear on Sunday. However today it looks like the haze is back.

This picture was taken from my office at 10am and according to our good dear Department of Environment the API (Air Polution Index) at 7am is 67 which according to the scale that it is moderate. At 11am it recorded 67 again. I seriously thing that this is not moderate but it is considered at least unhealthy to very unhealthy. According to the DOE it is "Habuk Halus" (fine dust). I do not remember KL having any dessert anywhere nearby. So where this Habuk Halus come from ah?


  1. After the super duper thunderstorm this evening, the haze is similar (or worse?) from before the storm. Dafuq?!

    1. In KL it was similar and it didn't rain very heavy in KL. However on Kota Kemuning it cleared things up and it was nice and cooling.

      It must have rained heavy in Subang thought. Neighbours tree had a nice big brunch falling off