19 June 2012

Getting My Lazy Arse Working

It has been many many many months since we decided to start printing some stuff to decorate the walls of our very bare walls. I think it has been close to 4 or 5 months since we first got our first canvas printed and I always said we won't hang them until we got more. Lo and behold a few months back I saw a good deal on canvas printing and put in the order. So our bare wall......

Initially we wanted to put the canvas on our red feature wall. However we never used the 3M command hooks before and I was worried that if I messed up the measurements and we needed to peel the hook off, we are going to ruin one beautifully painted red wall.

These 3M Command hooks by the way are super awesome. We got some of them from Steph and fate would have it, it did mess up in one of my measurements and I had to remove the hook. I just followed the instruction and it just popped out without even the slightest damage to wall. If you ever need to stick anything to a painted surface, I recommend to use one of these buggers.

So after decided on the style of the hang, I put on the command hooks, waited an hour for the command hooks to set, made a mistake, took out one of the command hooks and then put it back and waited another hour and finally we got.....

The measurement wasn't gallery accurate but I think it should work for our purpose. By the way this is the first time ever I had any of my photos printed ever. I must have taken a couple of thousand photos and posted it online but never printed. The 2 scenery photos on the left are the ones I took and the wedding photos are by Joshua from Inlight Photos.