21 June 2012

Stupid Website

We have been hearing a lot of news about how a few MAS flights have been turned around due to engine troubles recently. Mei Foong was actually on one of the plane on the way to Sydney when it happened and I even told her come on you are on Boeing 747 and they have 4 engine. So even if one cuts out still got 3 mah.

Anyway I used to fly quite a bit and I have always liked to take MAS for work because well the company pays for it and also I do not need to stop over which reduces the travel time by a whole load. The timing for MAS flights are also much better most of the times. The service was pretty good compared to most but yea the planes are getting a bit old.

However recently I have seen a real decline in the service by MAS and it once again looks like it is going to shits. I always hail the time of Idris Jala as when MAS was really heading up. A lot of people actually said Idris Jala just played with some of the numbers, sold the planes back to the government and leased it back at a low price to make it look like MAS is making a profit. However at that time I was actually travelling the most and I really did see a big improvement of the service of MAS.

He made some changes for instance the meals on the short flight from being hot meals to simple meals like sandwiches, a fruit and a little snack. I think this is a very good idea and would save MAS a heck alot of money because they all came in disposable packing and are very small compared to the started hot meals.

Anyway I digress, the reason for this blog post was I wanted to head to Enrich website to see if I could actually redeem some of my enrich points before they expire. I forgot my enrich number so instead of logging on, I went to their travel planner to see how many points I would need for say a flight to Kota Kinabalu. I came across this....

Bringing you enriching experience like never before? Oh yea I have to say it is quite enriching because I do not know what the heck the selections where. It asked me to select where I want to travel to and they are all in short travel airline form. I mean what the heck is KIX and KHH? Even the KUL one had 4 freaking selections. I am guessing the person who did this site thought hey everyone works for the airline company and should know that LHR means London Heathrow and LAX-TPE is a flight to Los Angeles via Taipei.

For a company as "prestigious" as MAS, I think this is a very piss poor effort and especially so when they say Bringing You Enriching Experiences Like Never Before. Yea if you tell me what KIX meant it would be very enriching.

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