07 June 2012

What Economic Downturn?

Yesterday I was driving to work on the NKVE heading towards the Subang exit and out of the corner of my eye on the fast lane I spotted a nose of a car which was weird. I turned right and saw this....

It was the only shot I got as it was a jam and I know the slow lane is faster, I was waiting for him to catch up but he didn't and I turned off to Subang exit. If you do not know what car is this, it is a Mercedes SLS AMG. If you think eh it is just another Mercedes, think again.

This is the same car that is being used as the F1 safety car. It has a 6.3 liter V8 engine putting out 420HP at 6800RPM and 660Nm or torque at 4750rpm. If that is mumbo jumbo to you then basically it goes really really really fast. If it is the safety car for an F1 car, it must at least be able to drive half as fast as an F1 car right?

Not interesting enough, well according to the Mercedes Malaysia website this car cost RM1,983,083 and roadtax is a whopping RM16,566 and with the registration fee and ownership fee it comes up to a cool RM1,999,999. The RM1 is for you to tip the sales guy. This is not including insurance on your RM2mil car. To put things into perspective that same amount can pay for 184+ years of roadtax for my car. Hehe. 

Checking online if you want insure you RM1,983,083 car will cost you a cool RM51,966 per year. Then again if you bought a RM2mil car RM52k is nothing. I was also told that even 2mil sounds like a lot of money for a car, there are more expensive cars like the Lamborgini Aventador (RM2,900,000) and the Ferrari 458 Italia (RM2,000,000+). The rich gets richer.....


  1. Geek!

    On a serious note, the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.

  2. Hahaha. Just have to look up the mercedes website. Haha.