11 June 2012

How long has it expired?

Over the weekend while heading back to Sitiawan, my mum was talking about her boss is driving around town without insurance and also an expired road tax. Before you go all "Why would he do that?", let me explain, he waiting for his new car and hence being penny wise pound foolish he thinks just drive a few more day and he gets his new car.

Well this conversation made me think, wait when is my drivers license expiring. I took it out and lo and behold it has been expired for a good 2 months.

So today I went to post office, paid 152 bucks to renew my license for 5 years and now got....

Can I throw the previous expired on away?


  1. What car is he getting? Will he get it by next Monday?

  2. Uh he is getting a 5 series Bemmer. Not sure he has been waiting for a while. Hehe

  3. Ohhh...I'm meeting him next week. :)

    1. Hope he has gotten his new car then. Then you can ask so Mr Goh I heard you buying a new car. Hows is that going? Insider Info Yo!

    2. If he has it already will ask him to drive us to lunch. Haha!