20 June 2010

13th June 2010

Just before I start I would like to appologize to everyone that I have lied to on the weeks leading up to the 12th of June 2010 weekend and also on the 12th and 13th of June 2010. I lied alot on those days to keep the secret of what will happen on the 13th of June 2010 a surprise.

I had planned to propose to Amy on the 13th of June 2010 about a month before the date. I went to get the ring from Habib at the Curve on the 14th of April 2010 and just before going into the shop, I actually met Amy's mum and brother. Lucky they didn't see me going into Habib itself. After getting the ring, I also planned to book Traders or Concorde Hotel. I planned to either go to Skybar or LunaBar since Amy has been asking me about it.

I finally settled on Skybar as because Mei Mon told me that LunaBar is cheaper and they served beer in plastic cups. All my plans were thrown into dis-array when Amy told me on Tuesday 8th of June 2010 that she would be heading to Singapore for work. Once it was confirmed I cancelled all my hotel bookings and suddenly the following day she said she would be coming back on Friday itself.

Unfortunately for me, when I tried to book the hotel room again it went from 435 to 500 bucks a night. Lucky while looking around on the net, I managed to find a webpage that was offering the same room for 380 bucks a night without breakfast and 20 dollars F&B voucher.
On the 12th of June 2010 itself, we went for a massage at Urban Retreat the Curve. It was quite good as I took the Yoga Thai Massage. The lady cracked my back and also my shoulders in places that I didn't know it was possible to crack. After Massage we went for lunch at Kluang Station and then comes my first lie. 

I told Amy that I had a Korean counterpart over in KL and I was going down to KL to meet up with him for drinks. I told Amy I would be back to pick her up for dinner and she should wear something nice as I got something planned for the night. 

In actually fact I went down to KL to pick up some flowers....

I hardly give Amy any flowers and I think I should start on this momentous day. After picking up the flowers from Raytan, I went to Traders hotel to check ourselves in. After that I was thinking that after all the drinking in SkyBar we might get hungry so I decided to head to KLCC to get some supper time and maybe a bottle of dessert wine. After walking around KLCC I settelled on 2 cup cakes from....

I didn't get the wine and decided to head back to Subang to get the wine because there weren't any good selections in KLCC. On the way back, I got the dessert wine and went home to shower and pack. I realised that we didn't even have a camera with us other then my SLR. I ended up bring my super old Canon PowerShot A80 with only 4MP sensor.

I picked Amy up for dinner and we went to our first stop of the night which was Palate Palette for dinner at Jln Mesui. I was  recommended to go try this restaurant and lucky for me I told Amy about this place around 3 weeks prior. Initially I wanted to fully surprised Amy with dinner but lucky I didn't because Saw Wen also invited us for Tapas Night on the 12th of June 2010 and I had to make a whole load of excuse for not going for it. I knew Amy also wanted to go and meet up with the Mangkuk-itis gang because it has been a while.

So at Palate Palette we decided to order the Mushroom Cappucino and Prawn and Avacado Salad for appetizers, Moo Stew and Minimalist Burger for mains and Asam Boi and Lemonade Slurpee for drinks.

The drinks were quite appetizing because they were very sour. It increased our appetite for the appertizer (pun not intended). The Mushroom Cappucino was interesting as it is basically mushroom soup with some foam on top. The prawn and avacado salad was pretty okay as well. Individually the parts weren't that nice but put together it was fantastic. The minimalist burger really shocked me, I didn't really read the description and hence I was expecting a full on burger with buns and chips. In the end it tasted pretty good as the beef was nice and juicy and the combination of sauces was good. However I think the price doesn't justify the dish especially when compared to the Moo Stew. The Moo Stew was really good. It has big, chunky pieces of beef and the sauce was fantastic. I think they even make their own pasta. The first bite was interesting and as we continue to eat it just got better.

We were super full after dinner and we decided to walk around the Changkat Bukit Bintang area and finally head to Bar Italia for some coffee and dessert. We wanted to head to the top floor which has an open air bar and some nice chic seats. Unfortunately it was fully booked up and we settled into the second floor on some nice and comfy couches. Amy ordered her favourite Affrogato, I order a coffee cappucino and we ordered a Tiramisu to share.

The cappucino was just nice and I would say one of the better ones that I have had in Malaysia, the Affrogato was okay but not as good as Dome. The shot of espresso was great but the ice cream was a little too sweet for our taste. The Tiramisu was crap. It is one of the worst Tiramisu I have had in a while.

After dessert we went for the main attraction of the night which was to head to Skybar. We had 2 rounds of drinks each and also a plate of fried calamari since we had an early dinner. Before the first round of drinks I had to go down to my car and pick up the bottle of mine and brought it back up to the room to put into the fridge.

At around 11.30, Amy decided we should head home and I told her that Citibank has 50% of Traders and we should do something really impulsive and check into the hotel. I got her to go to my car to get our bag of clothes which I have packed and I went to "check in".

We went upstairs and I pretended to be surprised at seeing the room for the first time. We cleaned ourselves up, tucked ourselves into to bed while sipping some ice wine. We went to sleep after that without anything else happening.

The next morning we woke up and freshened up. As Amy was freshening up, I went to get the ring out of the room safe and placed it under by bed. When she was good and ready I asked her to close her eye sas I got a final surprise of the day. I took the flowers out and gave it to her and wished her Happy Anniversary. She was happy and was admiring the flowers. We decided to have the bijoux muffin with some coffee for breakfast.

After breakfast while tucked back into bed, I mentioned that her ring was getting old and needs replacing. I took the ring box out and said you should replace it with this. She was speechless and I would say surprised. I said before you say anything, I got off the bed, I knelt on 1 knee and said.

On the 13th of June 2010
On our 3 years and 10 month anniversary
On the 13th floor 
and with a size 13 ring
Will you Marry Me?

She stared to cry and hugged me and said YES. With that simple 1 syllable, the universe at that point was alligned and both our lives have become 1.

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