10 June 2010

Many faces

When you have a beautiful girlfriend, what do you do? Well of course take out your camera and take pictures of her lar. Then what? Since suddeny all my friends are going to leave me for Amy so here is another post for this lovery girl call Amy Koh Poh Suan. 

Introducing her many faces and smiles. First is the cheeky look

From the cheeky look she can go to the serious look in 2 seconds flat.

Then boleh berubah her muka setengah senyum

Second last is the "pai posey" pose

Last but not least is the full smile with the gigi. This is the one that melts people's heart.

Got a camera, got a beautiful girlfriends? Take picture of her lar. :)


  1. Aww...what a sweet post! This wasn't your 'teaser' / conditioning for Saturday, was it? ;) Congratulations to you and Amy on your engagement!

  2. Haha. No lah. Just timing that was all.