02 June 2010

Eat Fest

I always try not to make excuse for me being fat. The reason why I am fat is because I eat too much and exercise too little. We are Malaysians after all, most of us are pasionate about our food. Just look at the amount of foodblogs and wannabe foodblogs online.

This time however, I can attribute to me gaining weight to too much travelling. When I travel, I usually eat more because I want to sample everything and I do not get my daily exercise because I am just plain lazy. Back home I got my mum to motivate me to wake up everyday for exercise.

2 weeks back I was travelling for work and the amount of food and alcohol I consumed was no joke. I came back and rested for all but 4 days and off I go again. However this time is more for pleasure then business. Amy asked me to decide what to eat this trip around. I was too lazy and told her that this trip I am a mindless goon and she wears the pants for this weekend. She can decide where to go and where to eat.

It was a good and bad decision. Good because I didn't need to think about where to eat and go but then I ended up spending close to 2 whole days shopping or should I saw follow Amy shopping. Yea I didn't even get a single thing at all.

Anyway back to the eat fest, our first real meal was of course Yoshimaru Ramen in the previous entry. After that we went shopping for a couple of hours and then decided we need some coffee. We were in Bugis Junction and we found this nice little cafe called NYDC.

We weren't hungry or anything, we just wanted some coffee to wake us up and refresh us from all the shopping and the hustle and bustle of Singapore. So I ordered a Hazelnut Elephantcino and Amy ordered the Spiked Affragato.

The Elephantcino was nothing to shout about. It was a litlte too sweat for my liking and it tasted very "fake". I know normally for the hazelnut flavour they would use syrup but some good places, you actually cannot tell they are using syrup. However in the Elephantcino it is very evident they used some syrup to flavour the coffee. The spiked Affragato was better. The scoop of vanilla ice cream was different but not as good as Dome Affragato. They shot of espresso was so so only but the kicker was they also used some Baileys in the mix to give it the "spiked" feeling.

Our next stop was for dinner and since Amy has been raving about how Tony Roma's in Singapore is so much better then the Malaysia one. We decided heck we should try it out. The mad thing is that we were there around 5.50 and freaking hell there was already a line in front of the restaurant. We had to wait around 20 minutes just to get our seats.

Since I knew we were going to have a heck alot of meat and constipation will soon follow, I decided to order a ceaser salad for starters and Amy want to try the Spinach and Artichoke dip.

The ceaser salad was okay but the dressing was a little bit too sour for our taste. What I was disappointed about was the fact that it didn't have any fried bacon bits which is common for a ceasar salad. Coming from a Halal country, we do not get much ceaser salad with real pork bacon. So I was looking forward to it but it wasn't to be. The Spinach and Artichoke dip was quite disappointing as well. It was quite bland tasting and the nachos that came with it was extremely oily. We were using tissue paper to dab the oil. We also got some bread for starters with some garlic butter. Since we thought we over ordered, we had the bread sparingly.

We could not decided on which flavour ribs we wanted so we decided to order their "taster ribs" which consist of 4 different flavours of ribs.

The Original BBQ in my opinion had too much BBQ sauce on it. It overcomed all the flavours of the meat itself. I think it is kinda of a standard for Asian countries to over do the sauce. There was one which was spicy which was okay but maybe a little too spicy for my taste. There was a sour one which was good but the best was the sweet one. It was marinated just nice and the meat was so tender it just fell off the bone. It was the best one.

The next day for morning tea time, Amy again has been raving about this Takoyaki place in ION@Orchard. I quite like Takoyaki and so we decided to go and have some.

Now that is some good Takoyaki, it look a whole lot longer to cook but it was superb. Each piece of Takoyaki had a piece of octopus in it. The Takos were crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. The BBQ sauce in combination with Japanese mayonaise was also a perfect combination. We were one of the first customers there and as we were waiting there was only one guy behind us. We had to wait for it to cook and once it was cooked out of no where a line developed behind us. Crazy.

For lunch of course we had Ippudo Ramen in my previous entry and finally for dinner we went to Chinatown for some local food. We stopped by a China restaurant to have some chinese kebabs. Basically it is kinda like satay but chinese style. It was really good but our mandarin was really koyak. What was worst the person taking our order was from China and could only speak and read Mandarin. Decided not to bring my camera along at night so no pictures of the food. 

That concludes our crazy Eat Fest in Singapore.

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