24 June 2010

Pullman Putrajaya

The Putrajaya International Dragon Boat festival was held directly beside the Pullman Putrajaya. I have never been to the Pullman Putrajaya and never know how beautiful it is. Half way through the festival we decided to walk towards the Pullman to check it out.

Just before reaching Pullman there was like a man made beach kinda like Sentosa. However the sand here is much softer.

Steph was telling about how Pullman was actually build to have 4 different areas within the hotel itself. I think we walked into the Balinese section and it is really nice.

We walked to towards the "gazebo" and we could see across to what I think is the Maldives part of the hotel.

We didn't walk to the other 2 sections of the hotel but on the way out we saw a WII room. We decided to check it out to see if it was open. To our surprised it was open, the A/C was at full blast and it has a huge projector there with the WII turned on. We decided to just sit around and enjoy the A/C and after awhile Tirath and I decided to turn the WII on. Steph went to the toilet and about 2 min into turning on the WII we saw a hotel person walking around. 

He walked into the adjacent kids room and Steph walked to the WII room and told us about the guy. I said that if he comes in I would say that I am a guest at the hotel and my room is 1304. Tiriah said he is there waiting for a friend who is a guest at the hotel. Steph didn't have a story.

The guy did finally walk into the WII room and asked us if we are guest at the hotel. I straight away said yes and Steph stumbled a yes. The guy went on to ask what room we were and we all stumbled with the answer. Unfortunately after that we got kicked out of the WII room and the only source of A/C.

We walked around a little while more and went back to the Dragon Boat race.

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